Dumpling Trail Itineraries

Unsure of how to start exploring the Dumpling Trail? Check out these itineraries for some inspiration! And just in case, here are a couple of tips from the pros:

- Be sure to take a couple of friends along to help you do some eating!
- Bring money - some restaurants only accept cash. 
- Some dumplings are only available during regular dim sum hours (before 2pm). Check out our Types of Dumplings page for details. 

Hole-in-the-Wall Itinerary

Explore Richmond’s amazing array of hidden gem eateries and discover some mouthwatering dumplings en route. These authentic hole-in-the-wall joints are perfect for those craving an off-the-beaten-path dining adventure. Bear in mind: all of these restaurants listed below are cash-only!

1. 11:30am—Red Lantern

#2265 - 8181 Cambie Road, President Plaza; 778-829-8009​
A five-minute walk around the corner from Aberdeen Canada Line Station, start your food crawl at President Plaza on Cambie Road.

One of the unassuming, home-style food stands at this small but often-bustling upstairs food court (a hidden gem in itself), roll up to the Red Lantern counter and dive into shui jiao. These soft, water-boiled dumplings are stuffed with pork, mushrooms and more.

2. 1:00pm—R&H Chinese Food

5300 No. 3 Road, Lansdowne Centre; 778-297-5668
Board the Canada Line at Aberdeen Station and get off at the next stop, Lansdowne Station (two minutes). Enter Lansdowne Centre and walk to the food court.

The luscious standout dish at this popular Lansdowne Centre food counter is xiao long bao, also known as soup dumplings. Watch the hard-working food stand staff prepare each order individually, rolling the dough and wrapping every dumpling by hand. They are made to order and can have up to a 10-minute wait.

3. 2:30pm—Xi'An Cuisine

#188 - 8260 Westminster Highway, Richmond Public Market; 604-279-9727
Stroll south for 10 minutes on No.3 Road, turning left onto Westminster Highway. When you reach Richmond Public Market, head upstairs to the food court.

The last stop on your journey, Xi’An Cuisine is a longstanding food court favourite inside the city’s large Public Market building. Expect irresistible spicy wontons and guo tie (potstickers)—and keep your eyes peeled for the chefs preparing their hand-pulled noodles.

Authentic Chinese Itinerary

With North America’s best Chinese dining scene, Richmond is jam-packed with delectable dumplings from Asia’s largest nation. From dim sum to potstickers to wontons, dive in and sample a wide array of Chinese comfort food classics.

1. 10:00am—Empire Seafood Restaurant

#200 - 5951 No.3 Road; 604-249-0080
Drive to your first stop or take the Canada Line to Richmond-Brighouse Station—just a few steps from restaurant number one.

Indulge in some of Richmond’s best dim sum, including traditional staples such as har gow and siu mai. For many diners, the standout dish at this restaurant is wu gok, a deep-fried mashed taro and duck dumpling with a crunchy exterior and deliciously soft savoury centre. Wu gok doesn't typically have duck in it; this is Empire's version on it.

2. 11:30am—Suhang Restaurant

#100 - 8291 Ackroyd Road; 604-278-7787
Drive to your next location or walk the short distance (it’s about five minutes away).

Serving some of the city’s finest Shanghainese dumplings, Suhang’s xiao long bao are beautifully handcrafted, showcasing some intricate pleating on their delicate dumpling wrappers. It’s not all about looks, though: their succulent pork and soup filling is irresistibly delicious. The soup will be hot, so eat the dumplings with caution.

Around the World Itinerary

Follow this leisurely afternoon itinerary and discover an international smorgasbord of delicious dumplings, including some unexpected, little-known varieties.

1. 12:30pm—Ban Mi Tres Bon (Vietnam)

#1840 - 4720 McClelland Road; 604-273-4422
Drive or take transit (the #405 bus stops nearby) to your first destination, located just off Alderbridge Way.

Vietnam’s distinctive alternative to dim sum, fuel-up for the afternoon with a glistening platter of banh bot loc—shrimp and pork tapioca dumplings that have a loyal following among diners at this charming French-influenced café.

2. 2:30pm—Samsoonie Noodle & Rice (Korea)

#140 - 8211 Westminster Highway; 778-988-3398
It’s a five-minute drive or 10-minute walk to your next location on Westminster Highway.

Mandu, the Korean version of dumplings, are a popular side dish at this friendly homestyle joint—and they’re available boiled, pan-fried, deep-fried, or in a hearty bowl of soup. You can also buy frozen packages to-go here if you fancy cooking them at home, but call ahead for availability.

3. 5:00pm—4 Stones Vegetarian Cuisine (Taiwan)

#160 - 7771 Westminster Highway; 604-278-0852
Your next stop—a five-minute stroll along Westminster Highway—opens for dinner at 5:00pm, giving you the chance to take a dumpling break, grab a coffee and do some shopping at nearby Richmond Centre. ​

Proving that great dumplings aren’t just for carnivores, this vegan and vegetarian Taiwanese restaurant serves meat-free wontons as well as truly tasty veggie gyoza that have all the flavour and texture of the more traditional pork versions. Expect your preconceptions about gyoza to be fully challenged.