Home to one of Canada’s largest Asian populations, Richmond’s restauranteurs have brought authentic home cooking across the Pacific for everyone to enjoy. Here are a few notes and regional cuisine highlights to help you decide where to take your tastebuds next.

Sichuan (Szechuan)
Bold and spicy
Classic Sichuan ingredients include chili pepper and garlic. Chengdu, Sichuan Province’s capital city, was given a UNESCO city of gastronomy designation. One of our local favorites is Szechuan House.

Rich and hearty
Fragrant lamb, freshwater fish and halal dishes dominate the dishes from China’s harsh, landlocked, mountainous northwest. Explore this cuisine at Silkway Halal and Richmond Night Market stalls like Chef James Xin Jiang Man BBQ

Light and mellow
As a coastal city, much of Shanghai’s cuisine centers around seafood. Other specialties include xiao long baos and beggars chicken, where the stuffed bird is baked at high temperatures in a very thick clay-like dough. Suhang Restaurant is the place to go to enjoy this style.

Cantonese (Guangdong)
Diverse and delicious
Many non-Chinese North Americans think of Cantonese (egg foo young, chow mein) when Chinese food comes to mind. Our dim sum restaurants and higher-end Jade Seafood Restaurant, Sea Harbour Restaurant, and Red Star Seafood Restaurant banquet meals showcase this cuisine.

Northern Chinese
Warm and filling
Northern Chinese cuisine features noodles instead of rice. It combines rich meats, spice and garlic. Beijing’s hot and sour soup and Peking duck are classics of this region’s culinary scene.