Have you been following The Amazing Race Canada this season? The show visited Richmond on the final leg of its epic 8th season, hosting a challenge at The Richmond Night Market as part of the Season Finale which aired on September 20th.

The Amazing Race Canada

Tourism Richmond (TR) has worked to maximize the opportunity and Richmond’s exposure from being featured in this high-profile, national program. Our team planned and executed a number of components in partnership with CTV to showcase Richmond. Activities include:

  • National TV spots. Tourism Richmond aired :15 and :30 TV spots on CTV, including during the season finale of The Amazing Race Canada.
  • Contest Component. TR partnered with CTV to engage and excite viewers with a contest, where the winner wins a trip to “Amazing Richmond”. The contest launched on September 20th and was promoted during the broadcast of the Season Finale. The contest is also being promoted online via CTV’s social channels and digital channels.
Sample digital ad promoting the Amazing Race Canada and Richmond Contest

The Amazing Race Canada Instagram Post featuring the Richmond Night Market.

  • Social Posts featuring Jon Montgomery. Tourism Richmond partnered with The Amazing Race Canada to film four short videos in Richmond that will be published on The Amazing Race Canada’s social channels. The videos feature the show host (and former Olympic champion) Jon Montgomery and showcase different locations in Richmond.
  • Social Media & PR. Tourism Richmond is also highlighting Richmond’s inclusion in the show via our own communication channels (social media, consumer e-newsletter), and is working with a PR agency to generate media coverage as well.
Tourism Richmond Instagram Post
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