We are pleased to welcome Hanyi Jiang to the team as our Marketing Intern. Hanyi has been studying Tourism Marketing and Sales at BCIT and is excited to bring her passion for food and storytelling to the role. Hanyi is eager to explore and share the city’s culinary delights and hidden gems. Hanyi looks forward to contributing to upcoming projects like the Steveston Spot Prawn & Seafood Celebration and collaborating on a stopover guide with YVR Airport.

Hanyi Jiang – Marketing Intern

Read on to learn some fun facts about Hanyi!

What are you studying at BCIT? Describe your role at Tourism Richmond

I’ve been studying Tourism Marketing and Sales at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and in my second year. Currently, I am now a marketing intern at Tourism Richmond and will be completing my practicum over the next two months.

Where is your favourite spot in Richmond?

I’m thrilled to share my discoveries within this city. Richmond’s plethora of culinary spots makes selecting a favourite quite a task. Currently, my top go-to is the Admiralty Centre, for its TikTok-famous mango mochi.

For any visitors who have never visited Richmond, give them one can’t-miss recommendation on what they should do during their stay?

If you’re visiting Richmond this summer, you can’t miss the Richmond Night Market. It’s a street food paradise that will astonish both your taste buds and senses.

What are you most looking forward to during your practicum at Tourism Richmond?

Every day brings something new and exciting to work in the office. I’m particularly thrilled about the upcoming Steveston Spot Prawn and Celebration and collaborating with YVR to create a stopover guide for passengers that want to explore Richmond.