The Story Café – Eatery & Bar

2800 Sexsmith road
British Columbia, Canada


It’s all from a thought “there is a story in everything” by the owner. He loves music, coffee, brunch, drinks, antiques, vintage records, cameras, phones and more. So in 2018, he had an idea of combining all the elements into a restaurant. We converted a 30 years old warehouse into a new concept restaurant. After two years for all the design, inspections and constructions and finally The Story Cafe came to life and soft opened in March 2020. We believe that nothing is useless, in fact almost everything in the restaurant has it’s age and we bought them off from their previous owner in lower mainland and want to give them a new life in our restaurant. When you walk into our restaurant, you may think you are in different centuries that would remind you your old memories At the same time, we are changing the history everyday and creating our own story. We are inviting you to join and be a part of our story.