Participating Restaurants

Enjoy fantastic dishes that celebrate and make the most of locally-caught seafood, May 18 – June 5 at participating restaurants.

Blue Canoe Restaurant – 3866 Bayview Street #140

BC Spot Prawn Ceviche ($24.95)
with tri color tortilla chips

Britannia Brewing – 12240 Second Avenue #250

Pan Seared Spot Prawns ($22)
with smoked butter beurre blanc, served with focaccia

BRUNO Restaurant – 8499 Bridgeport Road

Spot Prawn + Wild Pink Scallop Pappardelle ($36)
sea asparagus, heirloom tomatoes, shishito peppers, saffron lobster nage, micro basil

Cask Whisky Vault – 8400 West Road

Shio Cure Spot Prawn ($10)
prawn dashi foam, seaweed rice cracker, kaiso salad

Spot Prawn Tsukune Skewer ($16)
kurobuta pork, shiso, sake kasu kabayaki glaze, toasted sesame

CHJ Bistro – 12240 Second Ave #240

Steam Spot Prawn ($15)
steamed fresh spot prawn, dazz with lemon and seafood sauce

Three Spice Spot Prawn ($22)
one of Taiwanese signature flavorsavory and sweet, little heat to touch up

Globe @ YVR – 3111 Grant McConachie Way (Inside Vancouver International Airport)

Whole BC Spot Prawns ($24)
Okanagan white wine & garlic butter sauce, snipped chives, filone

Little Mexico Cantina – 3131 Chatham St #150

Spot Prawn Ceviche ($17.95)
with rockfish, mango salsa cervecie

Liuyishou Hot Pot-Richmond – 4731 Garden City Rd #150

Spot Prawn Skewers ($41.95)
spot prawns on skewers to cook in any hot pot soup base

Oo La Cha – 8400 West Road

Dry Aged Spot Prawn Crudo ($18)
smoked tomato oil, salmon roe, brule’ Guanciale, citrus balsamic, pickled kelp

Purpose Smoothie Co – 3900 Bayview Street #115

Steveston Spot Prawn Poke Bowl ($18)
local same day Steveston spot prawns, cucumber, edamame, wakame, crab salad, pickled ginger, brown rice, avocado, fried garlic, fried shallot & choice of three sauces made in house (spicy miso aioli, mango sriracha, soy vinaigrette)

Shady Island Seafood Bar & Grill – 3800 Bayview Street #112

Steam Spotted Prawns with Glass Noodles ($25)
steamed spotted prawns with soy sauce glass noodles, sliced marinated pork belly, garlic, ginger & cilantro – this is a very popular dish in Thailand

Steveston Built Local Taphouse – 12480 No 1 Road #130

Seafood Jambalaya ($24)
prawns, salmon, cod, chicken, house-made Andouille sausage in a rich tomato based sauce, served on a bed of Jasmine rice

Steveston Seafood House – 3951 Moncton Street

The Seafood House will be offering spot prawns every night of the season with a changing daily feature. Please check with the restaurant. (MP)
spot prawns purchased daily from the docks from Steveston Spot Prawns “Just Travelin” vessel