Dumpling Trail: Authentic Chinese Dining

3 Stops | 1 Day Richmond

Dumpling Trail : Best Dim Sum

3 Stops | 1 Day Richmond



Dim Sum originated in the ancient Silk Road tea houses in Southern China. As such, jasmine tea is a keystone of this meal. Remember not to pour tea for yourself, and when you require more water for your teapot, flip the lid upside down to notify the server.  


Only use your chopsticks for your own food. Use serving implements or offer small plates to your companions to serve themselves. When finished, place them together to the side or at the top of your dish or bowl. Don’t stick chopsticks into food or point at people with them. It’s acceptable in Chinese tradition to tip a bowl and guide food into your mouth with chopsticks.  

Dumpling Trail

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Unsure where to start? Check out our Dumpling Trail restaurants below. While it isn’t a literal trail of dumplings, as amazing as that would be, it guides you to 13 eateries that steam, fry and boil up some of the most delectable dumplings this side of the Pacific. Showcased on CNN Travel’s 12 of the world’s most enticing food and drink trails—come and taste why!  

Tips to make the most of your Dumpling Trail experience

  • Best enjoyed in a group – dumplings can be filling if you are visiting multiple restaurants, and you may be enticed to try other menu items as well.
  • Stops on the trail range from high-end restaurants to unassuming food court stalls, each offering a different experience.
  • Be prepared – some restaurants only accept cash.

Dumpling Trail: Around the World

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Dumpling Trail: Hidden Gems

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