When you enter Garden City Shopping Centre (9040-9100 Blundell Road), your gaze will first be drawn to its anchor businesses, like IGA and Shoppers Drug Mart. However, after a bit more exploring, you’ll find a world of other spots to visit! The large outdoor complex is an interesting mix of chain stores and restaurants, as well as smaller establishments that offer unique food and dining experiences. From a kid friendly café to a Middle Eastern restaurant, this complex has an exciting breadth of options.

Chain restaurants include Little Caesars PizzaChurch’s ChickenSubway, and A&W for anyone with a craving for fast food. Qoola, a destination for frozen yogurt treats, also has a location at this complex. A seemingly endless variety of sushi rolls (e.g. a Rock ‘n’ Roll with deep fried chopped scallop, prawn tempura, avocado, and crispy flakes) can be found at the recently opened Sushi Aria, which has a second location in Vancouver. And if you’re needing a drink to slake your thirst, Blenz and Chatime beckon. A cold mango green tea from Chatime will be amazing when hot weather eventually hits!

Here are more highlights of the many eating and drinking establishments in this strip mall:


Al Basha is basically a grab-and-go café, with a few tables and a counter for ordering at the back. They have this location in Richmond, as well as two in Vancouver. The meat served here is halal, and the menu focuses on Middle Eastern specialties that are high octane in flavour. Start with an order of hummus, dolmathes, or tabouleh, before moving onto one of their wraps, chock-full of beef donair, falafel, or chicken shawarma. If you’d prefer not to have a wrap, you can also order the proteins with rice, salad, hummus, and your choice of different condiments (e.g. pickles, pickled turnips).

Chicken platter; Photo Credit: Lindsay Anderson

After you’ve polished off your meal, don’t leave without enjoying their pistachio baklava for a wonderfully sweet finish.

Photo Credit: Lindsay Anderson


Photo Credit: Tara Lee

This Kosher bakery is a wee space that, nonetheless, manages to stock their shelves and display cases with tons of baked goodies. All sorts of freshly baked breads are available, including their challah, which many regulars rave about. Also popular are Garden City‘s doughnuts (e.g. chocolate dipped) as well as other sweets, like blueberry squares, brownies, apple crumble slices, and raspberry twists. Loaf cakes, such as banana, chocolate, or carrot, would be good for sharing at home (or eating slice by slice by yourself).

Photo Credit: Tara Lee

There are also pastry rolls filled with savoury ingredients, like ones with spinach and mushroom and others with potato and onion; buy a couple and munch on them for lunch.


By lunchtime, Wang Ji is busy as diners chow down on all sorts of noodles, rice dishes, and dumplings. The space has a modern feel, with friendly and efficient service. A scan of the menu reveals a pan-Chinese approach, with the kitchen drawing from Cantonese, Hakka, Shanghai, Taiwanese, and Szechuan cooking influences. The food on offer is extensive, including soups (e.g. coconut chicken soup), snacks (e.g. beef wraps with cucumbers, green onion, and sweet bean sauce), seafood dishes (e.g. spicy clams with chili and garlic), beef and lamb selections (e.g. stir fried lamb with cumin), veggie and tofu creations (e.g. braised tofu), and rice and noodle options (e.g. shredded pork rice cakes).

Sir fried pork with bean curd, chill peppers, and green onion; Photo Credit: Tara Lee

At lunch, you can choose from dishes, like stir fried shredded pork with bean curd and chili peppers, that all come with refreshing cold honey green tea and steamed rice. There are also a variety of tea and slushy selections, such as starfruit black tea and matcha red bean slush.

Honey green tea; Photo Credit: Tara Lee

With tons of drink and food options at Garden City Shopping Centre, you might find yourself falling into indecision. Recommendation: Go for whatever you’re particularly hankering for at the moment, and save the rest for the next time you’re here!

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Tourism Richmond