It’s not just about the fish. Or the chips. It’s about the tartar, the portion, the coleslaw, the location, the condiments, and the service. From Great Britain to New Zealand, South Africa to Canada and beyond, fish and chips is an institution. How do you like your fish and chips? Thin or thick batter? What about the chips? Thin or chunky, skin on or off? Soda pop or a beer to wash it all down? 

Richmond’s got your fish and chips cravings covered. Pajo’s Fish and Chips and Dave’s Fish and Chips in Steveston have been the leading contenders for years. However, Sockeye City Grill, Flying Beaver Bar & Grill and Blue Canoe have solid followings these days. I only had room for two on my trip to Steveston, so Pajo’s and Dave’s it was. There’s an amazing array of incredible, authentic food to experience in Richmond – on my trip I also had sushi, dumpling, and spicy beef noodle soup plans.

Pajo’s on Fisherman’s Wharf has a fantastic waterfront setting (there are four locations now) with its blue and yellow themed floating eatery. You can check out the boats, water, sunshine (maybe) as you tuck into their Oceanwise-certified Pacific wild salmon, cod or Alaskan halibut. Can’t decide? Order a combo to sample all three. Pajo’s has been in operation since 1985. At the time of my visit they offered a free birthday meal with the purchase of an equal or greater priced meal—handy to know if you’re planning a festive road trip to the West Coast. Their batter was light and thin, so I really tasted the fresh fish.

Photo credit : Tourism Richmond

The fries were a delicious compliment to the fish, and the service was warm, efficient and solid. Generally, I am a bit of a halibut purist, but I went for the combo and am really happy that I did. My wing person went with the cheeseburger and would not even share one bite. It was that good, so they said. 

Dave’s Fish and Chips opened in Steveston in 1978. It’s licensed, offers dine-in and takeout, and takes reservations. You can also take alcoholic drinks to go. We ordered all three fish separately plus lightly breaded oysters. The batter was thick but not bready. We got it to go with a couple of Granville Island IPA’s. I loved Dave’s fries, and the salmon was perfect. The thick batter “shell” was crunchy-delicious.

Photo credit : Tourism Richmond

Pajo’s has authentic ambience, bustle, and service, and Dave’s delivers old-school simplicity. Both Pajo’s and Dave’s have great fish and chips worth trying (more than once). If you’re looking for a delicious meal and the chance to enjoy Steveston’s waterfront and charming shops, you can’t go wrong with either of these popular eateries.

Last Updated on March 14, 2023 by Tourism Richmond