The salad days of summer are behind us and the bone-chilling weeks of winter are on the horizon. But while hibernation might seem like a tempting option right now, a more effective (and much tastier) strategy is to create your own menu of local go-to restaurants guaranteed to warm you with their hearty dishes.

Richmond is brimming with inviting eateries where you can thaw out over some steam-shrouded wintertime meals. And at this time of year, the comfort dish we crave most is hot pot. Luckily for us, Richmond is bubbling over with great places to encounter this traditional, shareable feast. Hungry? Read on for our handy tips and recommendations.

Hotpot is a comfort meal for many. PHOTO CREDIT: Tourism Richmond.

Hot Pot 101

For those yet to discover the wonders of hot pot dining, here’s what you need to know. This traditional Chinese comfort dish is a communal meal cooked by you at your restaurant table. There will be a steel pot (often divided into sections) and it will be filled with your choice of broths and placed on a hotplate in front of you. It will soon be bubbling up and ready for your ingredients. 

Steel pots are often divided into sections for different broth options. PHOTO CREDIT: Tourism Richmond.

You will have already ordered platters of ingredients to share with your fellow diners. These can range from thin-sliced beef or lamb to seafood such as scallops or shrimp. Tempting balls of fish, pork or other flavours are also popular. And veggie platters are standard, typically including mushroom, daikon, taro root, lotus root and more. Carb-wise, noodles are also a common choice. There will also be table condiments and sometimes a sauce bar to add extra flavour to each mouthful.

Start Cooking!

Using the provided cooking chopsticks, it’s time to start plopping individual ingredients into the bubbling broth. A little like a Chinese version of fondue, the fun of hot pot dining is the interactive and shared nature of the experience. In fact, it’s impossible not to have fun while you’re dining like this with friends and family. Just remember to slow down, go with the flow and try some unfamiliar items.

Hot pot is a communal dining experience. PHOTO CREDIT: Tourism Richmond.

A couple of cooking tips: make sure you keep an eye on what you’ve placed in the pot. Thin-sliced meat is usually ready to eat within a minute or two. Chunky vegetables take longer. And noodles, depending on their thickness, will often be ready after a short immersion. The trick is to assess as you cook. And if you need more broth, just ask. Note that broth splashes are common––which is why some restaurants provide bibs for diners!

Where to Go

The Dolar Shop

720 – 5300 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC

This bright, mirror-lined restaurant is tucked just inside the entrance to Lansdowne Centre mall. An ideal option for hot pot first-timers, we love the creamy pork broth here as well as their multiple set menus, which include everything you need for a great meal (including ice cream for dessert).

The impressive set menu at Dolar Shop. PHOTO CREDIT: Dolar Shop Canada.

Hotpot Palace

168 – 7911 Alderbridge Way, Richmond, BC

The pepper chicken broth with garlic and clam is delicious here. And while there are multiple set menu options to consider––including good lunch deals––we are also big fans of their luscious shrimp balls. It’s also worth noting that Hotpot Palace is a member of the Ocean Wise sustainable seafood initiative.

Hotpot Palace is a delicious local option. PHOTO CREDIT: Hotpot Palace

Liuyishou Hot Pot

4731 Garden City Rd, Richmond, BC

One of the largest hotpot chains in the world, Richmond serves as Liuyishou’s first North American location.  This is the prime spot for authentic Chongqing style hot pot with their signature spicy broth and incredible selection of ingredients, including premium marbled beef, wild mushrooms, seasonal greens, and seafood.

Premium meat offerings at Liuyishou Hot Pot. PHOTO CREDIT: Tourism Richmond.

HaiDiLao Hot Pot

200 5890 No. 3 Rd, Richmond, BC

Service is delightfully solicitous at this popular city-centre spot. They are known for their extensive menu and hand-pulled noodle performances. And if warming-up in winter is your main aim, consider their peppery Sichuan spicy broth as one of your bases. Ingredient-wise, there are lots of adventurous options to try here such as geoduck, beef tripe and bamboo fungus––go for it!

Gokudu Shabu Shabu

2133 – 3779 Sexsmith Road, Richmond, BC

Located in the Continental Shopping Centre strip mall, this small restaurant has a surprisingly large array of ingredient choices––including more than a dozen broth options. Solo hot pot dining is encouraged here, especially if you snag a seat and your own hotplate at the U-shaped counter. The good-value combos are tempting, and there is even a rare vegan option on the menu.

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