Hungry locals and visitors know that Richmond offers a hot and heaping buffet of authentic great-value food courts. From the polished and expansive options at Aberdeen Centre and CF Richmond Centre to the hawker-style counters at Parker Place and Richmond Public Market, you could easily spend a few days discovering great dishes here.

But if you’re still searching, why not unfurl your restless appetite at Yaohan Centre? A five-minute walk from Aberdeen Canada Line Station, the chatty food court here has a diverse array of counters.

Unsure where to start? Read on for our tried and tested top 5 picks at Yaohan Centre food court.

Keep in mind that some counters only accept cash and weekend lunchtimes can be particularly busy here. Also, don’t miss the large supermarket located near the food court. It offers an excellent variety of freshly prepared hot food plus shelves of authentic ingredients for those keen to prepare their own Asian dishes at home.


There’s fierce competition between the three Chinese combo stands arrayed alongside each other here, each with friendly servers inviting you to order as soon as you glance in their direction. You can’t go wrong at any of them—especially if your stomach is growling and you have $13.99 (two items plus rice) or $15.99 (three items plus rice) to spare. Golden Rice Bowl (and the stands flanking it on either side) offers 20 or so trays of glistening, fresh-prepared choices ranging from pepper beef to deep-fried tofu to panko-crusted fish.

Don’t miss: the wallet-friendly combos, which are a good option if you’re in a hurry and you only have time to order from one of the counters at Yaohan Centre. Golden Rice Bowl’s heaping combos also come with a cup of Chinese tea or soup.

Generous combination of 3 items with rice. PHOTO CREDIT: Jack W.

Baozi Master

Despite being a recent addition to Yaohan food court, Baozi Master has already attracted plenty of loyal customers. Just like other made to order dumplings and steamed buns food court stalls in Richmond (R&H Chinese Food in Lansdowne Centre and Yummy Bao in Parker Place), you can observe workers skillfully rolling dough and shaping the items directly before your eyes. Other than steamed buns, Baozi Master also offers authentic Northern Chinese breakfast items such as soy milk and Chinese donuts.

Don’t miss: These soft, warm treats are almost bursting with fillings and are a delicious addition to any Yaohan visit (or a great take-home treat).

A nutritious and filling Northern Chinese style breakfast. PHOTO CREDIT: Tourism Richmond.

Ajea Noodle

Ajea Noodle is one of Yaohan’s busiest food counters, often accompanied by long lines during lunchtime —so be prepared to wait as customers can customize their own noodle combination. Choose from different broth flavours (authentic spicy Chongqing style broth or clear chicken based broth) spice levels and noodle types. If you have some extra time to spare, there are also made to order claypot rice with drool worthy accompaniments such as chicken and Cantonese style sausage.

Don’t miss: Chongqing style broth in mild spice, with perfectly al dente traditional style noodles for $17.

Customize the spice levels depending on your preference. PHOTO CREDIT: Tourism Richmond.


A sure local favourite is Datang BBQ Express, where glistening cuts of duck, pork, and chicken that are housed in the steam-streaked, glass-enclosed display case. There are several options for hungry carnivores here, with crunchy-skinned roast pork and shiny, velvet-soft duck among the stand’s irresistible choices. Not sure which meat to try? Combo dishes are also available.

Don’t miss: the duck and roasted pork combo. Served on a bed of rice with sliced bok choy—although your tin foil dish will be topped with so much meat that burrowing down to the rice takes a while—this is a good dish to share among friends.

Honey BBQ pork, soy chicken, and roast duck combo from Datang BBQ Express. PHOTO CREDIT: Tourism Richmond.

A Whole Mango

Looking for something sweet as the perfect ending to your food court adventure? True to its name, A Whole Mango crafts irresistible bubble tea and fresh fruit mango drinks, each consisting of an entire mango. While offering a variety of bubble tea options including your standard milk tea, A Whole Mango is known for its distinct mango creations from the refreshing mango jasmine with jasmine tea, crystal jellies, and white pearls to the luscious mango lover featuring coconut milk, sago, and grapefruit,

Don’t miss: Mango Lover – a must try if you are a mango lover.

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