Craving sushi? We get it. Clean, tasty, delicate, and rich, nothing tops good sushi for fresh flavours. Whether you’re heading out for a fast feed, anniversary, or night out with friends, Richmond’s got a sushi place with your name on it. Below, explore a few of our top haunts.

Mega Sushi

This Steveston eatery has really taken plating and creativity to the next level. For example, order the Godzilla Bite, featuring chopped scallop, tuna, and salmon on deep-fried seaweed and rice. Each piece is garnished with alfalfa sprouts and tobiko (flying fish roe). To top it all off, a tempura crunch with flaming whisky flickers in the centre of the dish. Fun!

Mega Sushi  | Photo: ​Tara Lee

Seto Japanese Restaurant

Seto has an extensive traditional Japanese menu, best known for its rich and creamy uni (urchin). Booths, semi-private with rice paper partitions, are cozy nooks to enjoy delicious meals with friends and family. Another favourite is the Saba Battera. For this dish, vinegary sushi rice and marinated mackerel are pressed into a box mold around a Shiso leaf, topped with a thin layer of sweet seaweed. Sit at the sushi bar if you can—watch the experts at work!

Seto Japanese Restaurant | Photo: ​Tara Lee

Takeya Sushi

This unassuming café and the take-out gem has reasonably priced exquisite sushi. Owned by the more upscale Ichiro, Takeya’s sashimi, nigiri, and rolls, as well as Chef’s Specials, like the B.L.E. (bacon, lettuce, and egg) are incredible. Order the seafood aburi roll, a California roll, topped with flame-seared tuna, salmon, and scallop. There are ten sushi combinations, but we love the Takeya Nigiri Combo with toro, saba, amaebi, and two sushi rolls.

Takeya Sushi | Photo: ​Tara Lee

Sushi Hachi

This small, charming restaurant prides itself on beautifully crafted sushi that showcases deft knife cuts and the finest of ingredients. Place yourself in capable hands with the Chef’s Choice of ten pieces of sushi and one roll. Depending on availability, selections could include a negitoro (tuna belly with green onion) roll, as well as hotate (scallop) and hamachi (yellowtail) nigiri. They don’t take walk-ins, so be sure to reserve.

Sushi Hachi | Photo: ​Tara Lee


So delicious. One of the best things about Matsuyama is their late-night specials that start at 8:30 pm. Nigiri is $1.50 each, to give you an idea. Do not miss the deep-fried banana for dessert. This crispy banana drizzled with amazing chocolate sauce is unbelievable.

Kyabia Japanese Restaurant

This lovely restaurant is the perfect place to explore sake and sushi. Their sake menu goes from $8.50-$1000.00 with several price points in between. One of their most coveted rolls is the Crispy Amadai. Fish scales anyone? If you’re popping in for a bento box, be aware that they are for take-out only.

Gami Sushi

If you don’t know what to order, just the Deluxe Assorted Sushi with tuna, ebi, tako, ika, scallop, salmon and more! Vegetarians can enjoy the Tropical Roll and Park Ride Roll.

One of the best things about Gami is their extensive menu, a lifesaver for group outings. 

Kun’s Omakase Bar

Kun’s is an elegant, delicious dining experience. Their Zen Signature platter is a fantastic place to start. It has nigiri, sushi, sashimi, and aburi. You can easily place orders and make reservations through their Instagram. This saves you a lot of time, as it can be very busy.

Sushi Lovers

If you are looking for sushi, this restaurant’s name says it all. Sushi Lovers may have a humble facade located in a strip mall, but it boasts quality sushi that doesn’t break the bank. The Aburi Lovers Set has hefty portions and fresh fish seared to perfection. Don’t forget to try their Mermaid Oshizushi, topped with creamy uni and the distinct texture of tobiko. They also have a sushi cake for a different take on birthdays.

Ichiro Japanese Restaurant

It has been 15 years since Ichiro paved the way for Japanese cuisine in Richmond.

Their sushi bar is packed with the freshest seafood. If you don’t know what to order, try the Deluxe Assorted Sushi with salmon toro, red tuna, squid, hamachi, shrimp, chu-toro, BBQ eel, salmon maki, tuna maki, and salmon roe. Don’t forget to make a reservation; this place is packed.

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