It’s that time of year when summer skies take on rich golden hues––and breathtaking sunsets are often striped with pyrotechnic shades of orange, crimson, purple and more.

Keen to slow down, look up and immersive yourself in some soul-stirring Richmond sunsets? Read on for our recommended local viewing spots––then plan a few superbly scenic evenings out.

Terra Nova Rural Park

2631 Westminster Highway, Richmond

Wander up the grassy hill near the adventure playground in this popular park to find a huge shoreline panorama unfurling in front of you under a vast cathedral-like sky. Take a few deep breaths and drink it all in and you’ll soon be wondering why you don’t do this more often.

Extra tip: Arrive earlier to explore the park’s trails and its lush community garden, where green-thumbed locals show off their produce-growing prowess.

West Dyke Trail

Terra Nova Rural Park to Garry Point Park

Connected to Terra Nova, this wide shoreline route is a walk-through diorama of rustling marshlands framed by distant mountain crags. Keep your eyes peeled for early evening critters––including swallows and the occasional bat––and take regular bench stops so you can fully enjoy the sky’s richly-painted dusk hues.

Extra tip: This relatively flat six-kilometre trail is also perfect for cyclists, which means you can follow the sunset spectacle as it progresses through the sky.

Garry Point Park

12011 Seventh Avenue, Richmond

The West Dyke Trail runs from Terra Nova to Garry Point in Steveston, where a hugely popular shoreline park entices summertime picnickers and kite-flyers. Sunset-wise, head to the park’s southwestern edge, find a perch on a chunky beach log and immerse yourself in glittering views across the Salish Sea.

Extra tip: Hungry? The heart of Steveston Village is nearby and it’s filled with great dine-out destinations.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Steveston Village, Richmond

The salty heart of historic Steveston is a lovely destination for an early evening stroll. Walk the wooden promenade, duck into stores and restaurants, then snag a spot on a bench and watch the ever-changing colours of the sky over the bobbling boats and tree-studded shoreline of nearby Shady Island.

Extra tip: Grab an ice cream at Timothy’s (pistachio gelato recommended); it’s the perfect accompaniment to any sunset.

Larry Berg Flight Path Park

Corner of Russ Baker Way and Airport Road

Just beyond the fence of Vancouver International Airport’s South Runway, this unique greenspace is bristling with aviation-themed features––including benches shaped like paper airplanes and information panels about the aircraft flying overhead. Slide onto a seat and watch the planes traversing the sunset-striped sky.

Extra tip: Plan a late-afternoon picnic on the grass––and check out the park’s humungous globe-shaped art installation.

South Terminal Viewing Platform

Vancouver International Airport, 4364 Cowley Crescent, Richmond

Looking for another way to peruse the planes? Head to YVR’s South Terminal where a free-entry alfresco viewing platform has been constructed just outside the main building. It’s a unique spot to watch arriving and departing aircraft framed by the scenic North Shore mountains.

Extra tip: Limited free parking is available here for viewing platform visitors.

The Flying Beaver Bar & Grill

4760 Inglis Drive, Richmond

One of Richmond’s favourite pub-style restaurants, the Flying Beaver is also home to perhaps its finest patio, scenically perched over the river on wooden piles. Order a generous serving of fish and chips (plus a local craft beer), then watch the sunset over the glittering water where seaplanes arrive and depart.  

Extra tip: Check the nightly menu specials––we especially love Wing Wednesday.

Sunset over the Flying Beaver | Photo Credit: The Flying Beaver

Iona Jetty (Iona Beach Regional Park)

Ferguson Road, Richmond

This park is a celebrated destination for bird fans. But if you’re here for red-striped sunsets rather than red-winged blackbirds, don’t miss the jetty. Stretching four kilometres out across the Salish Sea, this breeze-licked walking and biking trail offers unfettered ocean and mountain panoramas––plus jaw-dropping sunset vistas.

Extra tip: Arrive early enough to explore the rest of the park while it’s still light, and you’ll likely be rewarded with viewings of hawks, herons, eagles and more.

McDonald Beach Park

3500 McDonald Road, Richmond

Perched along the North Arm of the Fraser River, bring your friends and family here for an alfresco picnic table dinner between the trees––complete with a side-order of Fraser River views and a grand sunset over the shore. Save time to hit the sand and dip your toes in the water here as well.

Extra Tip: This park also has an off-leash beach area that’s perfect for canine visitors that love to gallop.

South Dyke Trail

No. 2 Road to No 4. Road and beyond

Typically quieter than its West Dyke sibling, this accessible walking and cycling route is a serene shoreline swathe for early evening strollers. Slow down and keep your phone’s camera app open––you’ll soon be snapping evocative river images of birds perched atop wooden posts against glowing golden skies.

Extra tip: Open during daylight hours, visit the verdant, flower-studded grounds of London Heritage Farm while you’re here.

Richmond Night Market

8351 River Road, Richmond

Running on weekends and public holidays until October 10, this celebrated evening activity is a must-do for locals and visitors. Drop by for the food stands, live entertainment and colourful vendors––and wait for the exciting nighttime ambiance to unfold as the sunlight fades and the illuminations begin to sparkle.

Extra tip: Arrive hungry and dive into the delicious food stands––we especially love the deep-fried bao buns topped with ice cream!

Evening unfolds at the Richmond Night Market | Photo Credit: Richmond Night Market

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