Biking the West Dyke Trail

Discover Richmond, BC

Immerse yourself in Pacific culture.

Richmond is where you’ll find the soul of Canada’s west coast. Delicious food, fascinating history, beautiful nature, and one-of-a-kind experiences define this place. Something new and vibrant awaits your discovery around every corner here. While it helps to know some basics before you go, we’re confident the city will surprise you at every turn. Below you’ll find useful information to prepare you for what’s certain to be the trip of a lifetime.

Destination Guide

Ready to play in Canada’s Pacific playground? This hands-on destination guide is full of all the inspiration you’ll need to craft your perfect trip to Richmond.


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Golden Village

Richmond is home to North America’s second-largest Asian community, and the Golden Village neighbourhood is at its heart. Dive into the Far East without leaving the West Coast.

Steveston Village

Once the epicentre of the region’s fishing industry, Steveston Village combines postcard beauty with cosmopolitan vibrancy to leave an impression on every visitor.

TV & Film

Producers know Richmond as an A-list filming destination, with many Hollywood blockbusters and popular TV shows using the city as a backdrop.

Richmond Fact Sheet

Did you know 65% of Richmond claims Asian descent and 39% of the city is farmland? Or that Richmond is older than Vancouver? Find all the facts and stats here.


Forget what you thought about Canada’s cold weather! Richmond’s temperate climate makes it a great destination no matter the season, with many year-round outdoor activities.