Tourism Richmond would not be the same without our Marketing Coordinator, Lya Wiwanto! Congratulations to Lya for celebrating one year with the team.

Lya Wiwanto – Coordinator, Marketing

Read on to learn some fun facts about Lya!

Describe the role of the Coordinator, Marketing

As the Marketing Coordinator at Tourism Richmond, my role mainly involves destination storytelling to attract and engage a wider audience, aligning with Tourism Richmond’s overarching marketing goals. I also assist with communication initiatives and work closely with external agencies. 

What is your favourite part about being the Coordinator, Marketing? What do you enjoy the most about working for Tourism Richmond?

My favorite part of working at Tourism Richmond is having a creative outlet to make content, whether it’s in written form through blog posts or through short-form videos showcasing all the wonderful things Richmond has to offer. I also particularly enjoy the office culture, where everyone shows appreciation for the unsolicited pet photos I send. Squeaks the tuxedo cat, Milly the tortoiseshell cat, Kingsley the husky.

Squeaks and Milly

Where is your favourite spot in Richmond and why?

A foodie at heart, I am tempted to choose from one of Richmond’s many delicious food courts. However, London Landing stands out as my favorite place, thanks to the scenic dyke, breathtaking views, and proximity to Diplomat Bakery, where you can find the best triple chocolate mousse cake to ever exist.   

What surprised you the most about Richmond, since working at Tourism Richmond?

What has surprised me the most is how there are so many different moving parts in Destination Marketing. I am grateful for the genuinely caring nature of the team members and the patience exhibited by department leaders in providing guidance. I was brand new to the tourism industry and everyone was more than happy to help.

What is one thing you’re most proud of since working at Tourism Richmond?

I am proud of successfully launching our TikTok account – raising our brand awareness and connecting with an audience we otherwise would not have! Witnessing how our audience engages with the content is incredibly rewarding. I also enjoy connecting with the community over social media and staying updated on what people are up to, what they’re eating and everything there is to do in Richmond. 

For any visitors who have never visited Richmond, give them one can’t-miss recommendation on what they should do during their stay!

For visitors who have never been to Richmond, I highly recommend going on a food court adventure. There is a kaleidoscopic array of options at great price points! I recommend ordering a variety of dishes to share with friends and family. Check out a few of my favorite stalls here.