Echoing Asia’s steam-shrouded hawker markets, Richmond’s busy food courts are well known among hungry locals craving comfort food favourites. And for visitors, these authentic food courts are also a great, low-cost way to kick-off a culinary adventure in the city.

Amongst the most authentic places to exercise your taste buds is Parker Place. A five-minute walk from the Aberdeen Canada Line station, this clamorous, cafeteria-like hot spot is lined with mom-and-pop counters serving cuisines from Taiwan to Shanghai and from Vietnam to Hong Kong. Watch the video below for some tantalizing shots:

Read on for details on the home-style stands we discovered on a recent visit. Then plan your own dining excursion to find your very own favourites among the 20 or so Parker Place food court counters. Keep in mind that some stands only accept cash and lunchtimes can be very busy here––you’re more likely to find a table when dining off-peak.

Also, if you’re a roasted or barbecued pork fan, join the queue at the mall’s Parker Place Meat & BBQ, a few steps from the food court. It’s the perfect place to pick-up some celebrated carnivorous delicacies for home.

Delicious barbecue pork and roast duck from Parker Place Meat & BBQ. PHOTO CREDIT: Tourism Richmond.

Yummy Bao

The first thing you’ll notice here? The sight of passionate dough rolling and diligent crafting of meat buns. The smell of freshly steamed buns also makes Yummy Bao difficult to miss. Like its namesake suggests, the buns here are indeed delicious. Made to order, expect a 15 to 20 minute wait for your choice of beef or pork buns.

Don’t miss: Juicy pork buns (5 pieces) for $7.99

Handcrafted buns from Yummy Bao. PHOTO CREDIT: Tourism Richmond.


A steady stream of take-out regulars keeps this orange-and-yellow hued counter as busy as a street food stand on a Friday night in Taipei. An array of classic but well-executed rice, noodle, and dim-sum dishes is on the menu here—popular orders include three spice chicken, wonton noodles in soup, as well as deep-fried chicken thigh with rice.

Don’t miss: Three spice chicken and braised pork.

Mouth watering meat dishes from Joy’s Taiwanese Kitchen. PHOTO CREDIT: Tourism Richmond.


Another value-priced Parker Place option, there are all-day breakfast options and fusion influences on the extensive menu at the ever-busy One Café counter. This stand typically opens at 8am, which makes it a good spot for a quick breakfast fuel-up (macaroni soup recommended). Hungry regulars also roll by throughout the day for hearty options such as baked rice dishes and meat options on rice or pasta.

Don’t miss: Deep-fried pork cutlet on spaghetti.

Hearty lunch option at One Café. PHOTO CREDIT: Tourism Richmond.

Cherry’s Icy Bar

Shaved ice is a beloved Asian dessert with many local varieties – Korean Bingsoo, Taiwanese Baobing, Japanese kakigori and more. While the recipes may differ, the core concept remains the same—a bite of icy cold sweetness that’s hard to refuse year-round. Cherry’s Icy Bar offers a “4 Mixed Icy”, or a “8 Mixed Icy”, where you can customize your own shaved ice by choosing from a variety of sweet toppings. The soft, chewy taro balls, herbal grass jelly, and rice barley are crowd pleasers. served with a drizzle of condensed milk.

Don’t miss: Mixed Icy with a healthy drizzle of condensed milk.


It feels like this veteran Parker Place drinks and dessert counter has been here forever. Fruit juices, egg rolls, and house-made bubble teas keep the staffers busy but a Hong Kong-style Rainbow Café bubble waffle––made right in front of you and slipped into a warm paper bag to-go––is ideal if you’re craving a sweet dessert finale to your food court feast.

Don’t miss: A bubble tea coupled with a bubble waffle is the perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up at Parker Place.

Last Updated on April 17, 2024 by Tourism Richmond