Looking for a place to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings? Searching for a decadent delicacy to melt your troubles away? Richmond abounds with delicious options for some truly great desserts and we’ve rounded up ten of the sweetest spots in the city to help you indulge. Get ready to treat yourself—you deserve it! Check out our video below and read on for more details:

Car’s Dessert 

Unit 110, 4140 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC

Previously a hidden gem in the Pacific Plaza Food Court, Car’s Dessert has recently relocated to a larger, takeout-only storefront a few steps from the Canada Line’s Aberdeen Station. Specializing in perfectly prepared Hong Kong desserts including soft and delicious mochi balls and baked sago puddings with smooth, custard-like fillings, bring some home for your friends and family and they’ll love you forever. 


Unit 1120, 8766 McKim Way, Richmond, BC

A small storefront in the city’s Excel Centre strip mall, Berry Good is a magnet for dessert fans who flock here for the cozy ambiance and ever-enticing confections. Cheesecake, macarons and, of course, a full beverage menu are available, but be sure to try a slice of the café’s light as air and delicious Chiffon cake. They are also known for their thousand layer cake––often available in flavours such as chestnut, chocolate and even durian fruit.

Matcha Café Maiko

Unit 199, 8279 Saba Road, Richmond, BC

On hot days when cooling down is vital, savvy locals know exactly where to go. Tucked behind the landmark Richmond Public Market, Matcha Café Maiko specializes in luscious parfaits, shaved ice and soft-serve ice cream desserts, mostly created using top-quality matcha ingredients. We love the velvety Maiko Special Parfaits here, a delicious concoction fashioned from soft serve and options such as chestnuts, azuki beans and matcha chiffon.

Yudi Patisserie

Unit 1195, 8580 Alexandra Road, Richmond, BC

The love affair between French and Japanese cuisines continues at Yudi Patisserie where a boutique array of decadent pastries, treats and desserts awaits. Expertly designed and freshly-made onsite, you’ll find it almost impossible to choose from the cakes on display––but we recommend the utterly amazing Mont Blanc, a heavenly dome of chestnut cream, mascarpone cream, chocolate ganache, pistachio sponge cake and more.   

Excellent Tofu & Snack

Unit 160, 4231 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, BC

An unassuming, fancy-free spot loved by Asian pudding fans, Excellent Tofu & Snack has cornered the market in traditional soy tofu desserts. The family-run business specializes in bowls of velvet-smooth soy pudding, created in hot or cold varieties such as strawberry, green bean, papaya, grass jelly and many more. Snag a seat at the counter and dive into your chosen treat––­­but be sure to pick up an extra serving or two to take home.

Jack Frost Cafe

6916 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC

A favourite among Richmond’s sweet tooth set––especially on hot days when a treat-tastic cool-down is essential––Jack Frost Cafe specializes in what they call Snowfalls. These are heaping bowls of creamy, Korean-style shaved ice creatively topped with everything from fresh fruit to sliced tiramisu cake. Perfect for sharing (expect to fight over the final spoonful), there are also some baked goodies and specialty beverages to keep your taste buds busy here.

Hanlin Tea House

Unit 1121, 8328 Capstan Way, Richmond, BC

Much more than a regular bubble tea joint, Hanlin Tea House also serves a tempting array of creative Taiwanese-style cakes and desserts at its warm, wood-ceilinged café. Popular with studying students, snag an upstairs seat and dive into a selection from the Top Picks drinks menu (we love their Thai Milk Tea) but save room for a delicious slice from the display cabinet as well.

Leisure Tea & Coffee

Unit 1110, 8391 Alexandra Road, Richmond, BC

The folksy wood and brick interior of Leisure Tea & Coffee is studded with teacup displays and old-school paintings, making it a unique setting for a huge and diverse array of Asian and international desserts. You’ll find everything here from waffles to shaved ice and from caramel pudding to Japanese-style cheesecake—plus a great menu of beverages such as bubble tea, iced coffee, taro milk and much more.

Eggette House

Unit 1680, 8260 Westminster Highway, Richmond, BC

Fans of Hong Kong-style bubble waffles should head straight to Eggette House, a bright and cheerful café on the main floor of the city centre’s Richmond Public Market. Satisfyingly crisp on the outside and perfectly pillowy inside, their stuffed, fresh-made eggettes (aka bubble waffles) come in 15 or so flavour options including banana, chocolate and black sesame. We especially love the Portuguese egg tart variety!

Daan Go Cake Lab

Unit 100, 4731 Garden City Road, Richmond, BC

Lovers of creative confections have been rejoicing ever since Daan Go Cake Lab opened in 2023. A perfect spot to find unique special occasion cakes for Mothers Day, Valentines and more, their onsite café is also recommended when you need a sweet treat all to yourself. You’ll find an enchanting array of artistic cakes and desserts to choose from, often including cartoon-faced macarons, own-made ice cream and Instagram-ready mini cakes shaped like cacti, ramen bowls or even magic rabbits in top hats!

Last Updated on May 8, 2024 by Tourism Richmond