Pumpkin orange, taxicab yellow, candy apple red: the countless colours of fall framed by bright blue skies make this a favourite season for many Richmond locals and visitors. It’s the perfect time to head outside, enjoy the crisp fresh air and snap some vibrant photos for all your social media feeds.

But where are the best spots to go if you’re looking for some eye-popping autumnal images? Read on for some of our recommended fall foliage destinations around Richmond. Then plan your upcoming trips and start snapping!

Japanese maples are transforming around the city | Photo Credit: John Lee

Minoru Park

The lake portion of this luscious city centre gem is temporarily closed but there are still plenty of other leafy areas to explore in the rest of the park––including some mighty maple, oak and chestnut trees that are typically surrounded by golden carpets of fallen leaves. You can also expect to be visited by a squirrel or two as you stroll around here.

Photo-wise, don’t miss the park’s charming, wood-built Minoru Chapel, originally constructed in 1891. It’s framed by tall trees and also fronted by a colourful garden. And save time for the park’s Granville Avenue entrance, where towering oaks border the sculpture of Minoru––the early-1900s racehorse that gave the park and its original racetrack its name. The adjoining stretch of Granville is also home to many mature trees with plenty of autumnal colour.

Views of Minoru Chapel transform as the season unfolds | Photo Credit: John Lee

Westminster Highway

Granville Avenue isn’t the only Richmond thoroughfare with plenty of camera-worthy fall foliage. Keep your eyes peeled as you drive around the city and you’ll often find yourself flanked by sudden bursts of colour that look as if an artist painted them. Many of these areas completely transform as the season unfolds.

One major street that always delivers during the fall season is Westminster Highway. A drive-through kaleidoscope of autumnal hues with a surprising diversity of tree types, we’ve found particular pockets of leafy wonder over the years at the intersections with Gilbert, Elmbridge and along the perimeter of the large City Operations Yard. Keep an eye on the residential side streets as well; you’ll sometimes spot rich canopies of colour that look like tunnels of stained glass.

Some of the colours of Westminster Highway | Photo Credit: John Lee

Steveston Village

With its heritage storefronts, Steveston is an attractive spot for images at any time of year. But as the golden light of autumn unfurls across the village, it becomes even more photogenic. Leaf-wise, check out the trees surrounding the Steveston Tram shed––including a couple of beautiful Japanese maples that were transitioning to their bright red foliage on our visit. And take the shoreline stroll to Britannia Shipyards; the route is studded with trees and the historic site itself is an excellent spot for evocative fall photos.

Save time for shoreline Gary Point Park as well. Famous for its cherry blossom trees, the park’s entrance area is also home to some leafy oaks. Be sure to circle the park for its top-notch birding opportunities, and keep your eyes peeled for other interesting flora––we spotted lots of late-blooming wild flowers here. Need more? The park also connects to the West Dyke Trail if you’re keen to extend your outdoorsy excursion.

The colours are changing in Garry Point Park | Photo Credit: John Lee.

Terra Nova Rural Park

A breeze-licked 6km West Dyke Trail walk or bike ride from Garry Point Park brings you to one of Richmond’s other amazing green space gems. Bordered by shoreline on two sides, 63-acre Terra Nova offers a huge array of fall photo opportunities.

Spend an hour or so exploring the well-marked trails here, especially on the boardwalk section that fringes the slough––a reed-framed ribbon of water that’s often filled with ducks. But save most of your leaf-peeping time for the Terra Nova Natural Area, a separate 35-acre space that’s been carefully preserved as a wild habitat. Hit the trail that snakes around its perimeter and keep your camera trained on the trees for colourful leaves and lots of birdlife (owls included).

Garden City Community Park

Autumnal Richmond is full of well-known parks where there are often as many out-of-town visitors as there are locals. But there are also lots of smaller outdoor areas that are still waiting to be discovered. And one of our favourites is a perfect place to peruse some unusual trees. The 24-acre Garden City Community Park is centered on a large lagoon that’s well utilized by visiting birds.

But near the park’s Granville Avenue and Garden City Road entrance, you’ll also find a carefully planned arboretum with dozens of different tree varieties from the Pacific Northwest and around the world. It’s a ‘living museum’ of mature flora and a great way to encounter uncommon varieties––and watch how they transform during the fall season. We spotted some familiar arbutus and Douglas firs on our visit as well as exotic varieties including star magnolia and Persian walnut. Curious? Check out the arboretum tree list before you arrive.

The fall season colours are emerging | Photo Credit: John Lee

Last Updated on March 28, 2024 by Tourism Richmond