It’s 11:15 in the morning on one of those dark, rainy Lower Mainland days when there’s no chance of seeing any sun. But inside Pho 37, a 10-minute walk from the Canada Line’s Aberdeen Station, everything is bright, warm and super-friendly.

The popular contemporary Vietnamese restaurant is already filled with lunchtime diners as my smiling server ushers me to a small table. But as I glance around, I quickly realize why the room is suffused with such a positive vibe: almost everyone is tucking into steaming bowls of pho––the hearty, elixir-like dish of soup, noodles and more that acts like an unofficial antidote to winter.


Chicken noodle soup may be the western world’s answer to the chilly season, but pho––pronounced “fuh”––takes the comforting broth approach much further. It’s not an ancient dish; instead, it seems to have emerged in northern Vietnam just a few decades ago, before spreading like a bowl of spilled sauce across the region and around the world.

There are many pho variations to discover––northern and southern Vietnam have different approaches, for example. And although versions of beef pho made with translucent broth, thin or flat noodles, super-thin beef slices and beansprouts dominate, you’ll also find options based on chicken, seafood, tofu and other ingredients.


Richmond has lots of options for veteran pho fans and those who want to try it for the first time. Read on for some of our favourites. And don’t forget to post your pho images to social media using the hashtag #RichmondMoments––we’d love to see your delicious local dishes!

Banh Mi Tres Bon

1840 – 4270 McClelland Road, Richmond, BC

This delightful contemporary Vietnamese restaurant is famous for its Bánh Mì (crunchy-crust traditional baguette sandwiches) – try the lemongrass chicken! But they also offer three delicious pho versions––including a vegan bowl with tofu and oyster mushrooms.

PHO 37

1008 – 8300 Capstan Way and 11666 Steveston Hwy #3120, Richmond, BC

A popular and highly welcoming spot that’s ideal for first-timers, you’ll find a good selection of different pho options here––almost all of which are priced under $20. Why not spend your winter discovering each variety? Add a specialty Vietnamese coffee here for an extra shot of warmth.

A steaming bowl of Special Beef Noodle pho at Pho 37. PHOTO CREDIT: John Lee.

Pho An Nam

6820 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC

A local favourite with lots of loyal fans, there are dozens of good value bowls to choose from here, with ingredients ranging from chicken meatballs to Vietnamese ham and from beef rib to beef tripe. Add a side dish of spring rolls if you’re really hungry!

Accompany your bowl of delicious pho with some Vietnamese Iced Coffee. PHOTO CREDIT: Tourism Richmond.

Pho Ten

130 – 11080 No. 5 Road, Richmond, BC

Another Richmond homestyle joint with a full menu of authentic options, it’s best to arrive off-peak here since the tables are often full during the main dining hours. You’ll find many classic Vietnamese dishes on the menu including a full array of beef-forward pho options.

Accompany your bowl of delicious pho with some Vietnamese Iced Coffee. PHOTO CREDIT: Sandy Kan

Pho Khang

6820 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC

A bright and friendly spot with a commitment to authentic dishes, there’s an excellent selection of pho options here. You’ll find multiple beef varieties (consider the rare beef with satay) as well as shrimp, vegetables and lemongrass chicken versions.

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